Adult Ministries

Our Adult Ministries Exist To:

  • Engage every man and woman with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Equip men and women to meet the challenges of living out their faith.
  • Extend the opportunity to develop relationships of support and fellowship.
  • Empower parents to lead their children to spiritual maturity.
  • Encourage each person to impact their community with the love of God.
  • Experience the joy of changed lives.


Building relationships through fellowship and fun.  We are more than friends.  We are a family!  We always have room for more!

ARC Table of Friends:  The Concept is Easy - Share Some Meals Together.  The Agenda is Simple - Get to Know Each Other Better.  Sign up now to join ARC Table of Friends.


As followers of Jesus Christ, we seek to continually learn and grow in our faith.  Join us in applying God's Word to life.

My One Word: Every year people make New Year's resolutions in an attempt to better themselves.  But how many of us are actually able to stick with it?  For lasting change, we need to turn to the one who created us - the one who knows how to unlock our potential.  Join us for the One Word Journey.  You will choose one thing - one word - to focus on for an entire year.  The One Word Journey beings on January 27.  Join us and see what God can do through One Word.